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WWWeb Tips

Use a Privacy Respecting Browser

Use a privacy respecting browser like Brave or Arc to limit where your data is stored or exposed. Even if you don't have anything to hide, you still have important information and that information in the wrong hands can lead to a world of problems. Browsers that respect your privacy won't involuntarily store your search queries. They won't store personal information about you. They will work proactively to protect your from websites that may do you harm or try to steal your information. They'll make the internet a more secure place for you to browse. Your browser is your window to the web, so choose it carefully.

Take a Break from the Walled Gardens

Web 2.0 social media apps are known as walled gardens because they house content and data within the confines of their namespace and use methods that coerce users into staying on the platform and persuade creators to create purely on the platform instead of other places on the web. The walled gardens of social media are amazing for the discovery of content and watering holes, but due to algorithmic bias and echo chambers of public discourse, these gardens often times start to look, feel act and promote the same content. There is a whole universe of content out there on the World Wide Web so try sometimes to take a break from the confines of the well groomed garden and go backpacking across the strange terrain of the World Wide Web!

Reject Invasive Technologies

Invasive and privacy-disrespecting technologies like social media advertising pixels from Meta and Pinterest, analytics and tracking software like Google Analytics, are indirect and sometimes direct violators of our right to NOT be infringed upon while surfing the web. Reject cookies whenever possible or use a web browser like Brave that handles the rejection for you and forces websites to operate in a privacy-friendly mode whenever possible. The shoes you were going to buy, but didn't, that are now appearing on your social media feed everyday because of the website your visited once, are not worth the price of you adding to the global pool of data these companies harbor. Saying "no" and promoting an "opt-in" culture is a matter of principle as well as an action against the potential vulnerabilities that come with this kind of data aggregation like a loss of digital personal information, forgery of financial information, selling of personal information to third parties, etc.


This browser has different installation capabilities.

    iOS or Mac Devices:

  1. Open Website in Safari
  2. Click on the Share Button
  3. Click on "Add to Home Screen"

    Android, Windows or Linux Devices

  1. Open Website in Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Chrome or Edge
  2. Retry Install